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To be clear, this will require me to remember to send you e-mails every now and again to keep you in the loop and since I am getting older, I’m not brilliant at doing that sort of thing.  I would highly recommend dropping me a reminder every now and again.

( It would, of course be very much simpler if you were on the Facebook group because then you could keep track of everything with ease but I will do my best.)


So, how do you get involved? the simple answer is that you just have to want to be involved. We do not currently ask for a membership fee or much in the way of formalities. This is a co-operative, and we simply get together occasionally and co-operate.

There is a handy page here about getting started.

Of course, life is rarely that simple, this sort of thing needs a degree of organisation and we tend to do most of that on the Facebook Group page where we can chat and plot and organise to our hearts content. Ask to join and unless there is a good reason such as we are all out on camp, we should be able to approve your membership quite quickly.

If you are someone that prefers not to have a Facebook profile and we know there are a few, then you can contact us through e-mail here:

The Steam Tent Co-operative. © Gary Waidson -
The Steam Tent Co-operative. © James Howarth -

Our last event of 2019 was a Crafts and Skills camp on the August Bank Holiday weekend

Click here for a report on that. The pandemic interrupted our event calendar somewhat but we have had a couple of small camps since things started returning to normal.

Our next group event is Halloween III in October at Rough Close.


Directions for Rough Close Camp Site can be found here.


The Steam Tent Co-operative. © Gary Waidson - www.Steamtent.ukThe Steam Tent Co-operative. © Gary Waidson -